Friday, 25 May 2012

Bell Fibe Internet to get super-fast speed

Bell Fibe Internet just got better

  • Neighbours are for sharing a cup of sugar, not the Internet
  • Bell Fibe Internet is never shared and all the time really fast
With cable, your connection to the Internet is shared with the entire neghbourhood.
With Bell, your Internet connection is your personal because of this you receive super-fast browsing 24 hours a day, regardless of whether the neighbours are using the Internet

Switch to Bell Fibe Internet for:

  • Blazing fast download rates of speed of nearly 25Mbps, sufficient for every individual at your home.
  • The fastest upload speeds available in the market, the best for sharing and storing your content material in cyberspace.
  • Excellent usage bundled each month to go along with all that speed.
  • Wireless Home Network incorporated at absolutely no cost.

New Bell Fibe Internet Packages for only $29.95 per month
Visit a Bell store at the Source
1 888 394-9953

Bell Fibe Internet


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