Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ATB Online Banking to Manage Banking via Internet

Start Bank transactions Any time , At anyplace with ATB Online Banking

ATB Online Banking is an absolutely free service available to all ATB account holders. It allows you to easily manage your banking via internet 24/7—from your house,  from the workplace, from anywhere.

With ATB Online Banking, it is easy to check account activities, pay monthly bills, transfer funds between bank accounts, check E-Statements, order cheques or bank account billing statements, and a lot more.

And registration couldn't be simpler and easier. You’ll simply follow these easy steps:
  1. Enter your customer and accounts details.
  2. create your user name and password.
  3. say yes to the ATB Online Banking conditions and terms.
  4. Set up security questions to provide protection to your bank account.
That’s all there is to it. All set to start ?

If you require any kind of help with the self-enrollment process,  please talk to the ATB Customer Contact Centre at 1-866-282-4932.

In case you have an ATB MasterCard but yet no other ATB accounts , you’ll have to call the ATB Financial MasterCard Service Centre at 1-888-ATB-5678 to register for ATB Online Banking.

ATB Financial

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ATB Online Banking


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