Sunday, 3 June 2012

Volkswagen Tiguan, Jetta 2012 with no Interest

Pay No Interest on our most popular models of Volkswagen

2012 Tiguan from only $27,875
2012 Jetta from only $15,875
+ $500 discounts for Volkswagen owners

More affordable than ever.

When the first Volkswagen arrived in Canada way back 1952 people asked questions they wouldn't have asked of any other car manufacturer. Things like "Why is it smiling?" and "Where's the engine?". Their next question would usually be "How much?". "$1,595" was the answer back then, if you're wondering.

Well, sixty years and more than 21 million Beetles later, we're marking the occasion with a special finance offer that makes our most popular models more affordable than ever before. Yes, ever. The best-selling 2012 Jetta starts from only $15,875 and the award-winning 2012 Tiguan compact SUV from only $27,875. People don't usually ask where the engine is anymore, but once they've driven a Volkswagen for the first time they are still surprised by how affordable it is.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2012
Volkswagen Jetta 2012


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